School Governance



Ms. Rebecca


Rebecca Juras has served as Director of Vilnius International School since 2006. In addition to her administrative role, Rebecca has taught kindergarten, fourth grade and humanities at the school.  She received a B.A from Macalester College and a Master of Education from the University of Virginia.  Rebecca has lived in Vilnius for 15 years with her husband, Vygandas, and their two children.

Liza Lerche Jensen is a co-founder of Vilnius International School. She and her husband are entrepreneurs who started numerous businesses in manufacturing, retail and real estate sectors in Lithuania.  These include UAB Metalco and UAB Living Scandinavian Design.  Liza is also active in the Danish Chamber of Commerce and raising her two sons, Kasper and Nicholas.  

Liisa Leitzinger is from Finland, where she studied law and marketing. She began her career working with patents and trademarks at an intellectual property firm. Liisa moved to Lithuania in 1995 and graduated from the history faculty at Vilnius University. Her diploma work concerned the 1918 – 1940 political relations between Finland and Lithuania.

Liisa spreads her time between her roles as a certified Vilnius city guide, Director of AAA Guest House “Mano Liza” and owner of “Dance Makers.” She is also an active rider and member of the Lithuanian Equestrian Federation. Liisa is married to Marius Jakulis Jason, a Lithuanian from America and they have three children, Arturas, Algimantas and Antanas.

Torben Pedersen

Torben Pedersen is from Denmark and has lived in the Baltics for 20 years, finally settling in Lithuania.  He works in field of audit and financial management and serves on the Board of Directors of several companies.  His wife Tatjana is from Kaliningrad.  He has two children studying at VIS.





The following VIS parents have been elected by the Meeting of Stakeholders to serve a two-year term(2015-2017) on the School Council:

Kjetil Hanssen Kjetil Hanssen is the  General Director of   Schage Real Estate.  He has lived in Vilnius for over 20 years. He is the father of two children attending VIS.





Riki photo  Riku Honkasalo is a senior advisor of education for the Finnish National Board of Education.  His background is in political science and he is the spouse of a Finnish diplomat. Riku has four children studying at VIS.  






Eugenijus Filonovas is a lawyer specialising in energy, infrastructure projects and mergers and acquisitions.  He is also the parent of a PYP student at VIS. 




Viktorija Beatrice Radzevičienė has a daughter in grade 5 and she has been a parent at  VIS for almost 7 years. Her professional strengths lie in the area of investment, project management and real estate development.




 Saulė Balčiunienė’s expertise is in the area of human resource management; specifically organizational change, coaching and performance management. She has been the head of HR at several local and multinational companies.  Saulė has two children at VIS.