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Healthy Snacks are Appreciated

Notes about Food Service

Children in the early childhood programme are served breakfast, lunch and an afternoon snack.

Children in primary and middle schools are served hot lunch.

Students may bring healthy snacks such as fruit, cheese sticks, granola, yogurt, etc. We do not allow students to have chips or sweets for snack. Water is preferred as a beverage during the school day.



October 23 – 27


October 23


October 24


October 25


October  26


October 27

Breakfast  Buckwheat porridge, milk Scrambled eggs, fresh cucumber, bread, tea Rice porridge with jam, tea Cornmeal, fruit, tea No school
Lunch   Broccoli soup, stewed beef and couscous, fresh salad, bread, fruit, milk water  Meat ball soup, palak paneer (vegetarian cheese dish), rice, vegetables, bread, fruit, yogurt, water  Cream vegetable soup, baked chicken, buckwheat, bread, water Spinach soup, pasta with Bolognese sauce, fresh salad, fruit, bread, cheese sticks, water No school
Snack  Yogurt, fruit  Ham sandwich, tea Cheese sticks, tea  Crackers with cheese, tea No school

*Subject to change