Individuals and Societies

The IB Middle Years Humanities at VIS helps students to develop knowledge, conceptual understanding, and skills in an 

integrated social sciences programme aimed at broadening student perspectives of the world and their sense of responsibility for the role they play in it.

We encourage students to respect and understand the world around them, to recognize and appreciate the complexity of the problems, conflicts and contradictions encountered in the social sciences and to begin to solve these problems using the methods and habits of mind applied by professionals working in the field. Interdisciplinary humanities units developed that are aligned with Lithuanian national standards in the following disciplines: history, geography, economics, political science and ethics.  

Lithuanian programme standards are broad in nature and easily integrated into the MYP framework that is based on concepts rather than facts. The programme also supports the MYP emphasis on skill development in the social sciences and allow for authentic investigation of the subject material.  This is accomplished by establishing a clear context and purpose for receiving new information, by making explicit the “lens” through which to consider new information and by posing questions that challenge perspectives or misunderstandings. 

In the process of investigating questions that are both provocative and meaningful to middle school students, they will develop an awareness and appreciation of their own cultural identity, respect for the values of others, and a sense of responsibility towards community and environment within a global context.

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