IB project



PROJECT NO. VP1-2.2-ŠMM-05-K-01-102


On 25 November 2010 Vilnius International School signed an agreement with an administering agency to implement a project funded by the European Social Fund and Lithuanian state. The project aims to familiarize the Lithuanian secondary education community about the philosophy, principles and innovative methodology behind the International Baccalaureate (IB) and assist in applying this methodology.

The aim of the project

It’s aimed to promote and implement into the Lithuanian education context holistic, versatile and interdisciplinary principles of education for children and youth, based on the IB program as one of the best educational practices in the world.

Project partners

In order to integrate the principles of IB education into Lithuanian national curriculum, a network of partners has been established amongst:

  1. currently existing IB communities in Lithuania, 
  2. schools planning to implement the IB program, and
  3. regional education centers.

There are 12 partners participating in the Project:

Project deliverables

The planned Project deliverables are:

  • Kaunas Jesuit Gymnasium and Nida High School will prepare for the IB school candidacy status. 20 teachers from these schools will receive the required training, during which they will gain an understanding of the IB principles.
  • Vilnius International School and Siauliai Didždvaris Gymnasium will develop their already existing IB programs, on which current activities of these schools are based. It is planned that the schools will have an intake of additional 110 Lithuanian students.
  • Vilnius International School and Siauliai Didždvaris Gymnasium will begin to implement the PYP program, which is designed for children of age 12-16. 28 teachers from these schools will get the required education.
  • An educational program about a holistic approach to teaching will be prepared. The program will be developed by 7 educational centers around Lithuania with the assistance from VIS and SDG. 111 teachers from state schools in Lithuania will get the opportunity to get a better understanding of the core IB values.
  • Parent’s education program will be created. The aim of the program is to encourage parents to be more involved in their children’s education and actively participate in the life of the school community. 46 parents will go through the training program.
  • 3 books on innovative education methods by reputable foreign authors will have been translated into Lithuanian and released with a circulation of 1000 each. The books will be used to develop the education program about holistic learning.
  • A collection of 10 best science works by SDG students will be released with a circulation of 350. The aim of such a publication is to inform people about the quality of teaching and learning in IB senior classes, to demonstrate the program requirements, methodology and quality of work within the IB framework. The publication will be distributed among the partners of the Project and will be made available to other Lithuanian schools.
  • Material of best practices and methodologies, developed by VIS and SDG: case-studies of the best bullying prevention and non-discrimination encouragement practices. The material will be available free-of-charge online.

Project duration

24 months

Project financing

The project budget is 960.275,65 Lt, of which 841.734,30 Lt will be funded by the European Union funds, 18.541,35 Lt will come from the Lithuanian state budget, and the remaining amount will be covered by Project partners.

Project manager

Viltė Gridasova