VIS Supporting Kids in Sierra Leone

Vilnius International School has been supporting the Street Child Organisation that is working to reduce the number of children living on the streets of Sierra Leone and provide adequate education to the children in need. Together with Running For Change represented by Mr Ben Harvey,  our school has set the goal to raise the funds and support the children in Sierra Leone.  

On February 4, Ms Helen Cain, Schools and Fundraising Officer at Street Child Organisation, came to Vilnius International School to present their projects in Sierra Leone and the challenges the children have to face there.

Running for Change is aiming to fund the construction of a small school for 100 children living in Tambakha, one of the poorest district in Sierra Leone.  By joining this campaign, VIS students will be raising money to purchase 100 school supply kits for this small school. 

During PTA monthly event – Coffee morning – Grade 4 students Rebecca and Urtė made the presentation about this project to the VIS parents and other teacher.


VIS team at Gimnazistai TV programme

Six VIS middle school students – Augustinа,  Ugnė,  Nicola, Kastė, Milita and Paulius – participated in an open discussion on the  Lietuvos Rytas Television programme  broadcast on Saturday, November 24th.  The programme was developed to provide school aged students an opportunity to share their perspectives about school life.  VIS and students from other Lithuanian schools were invited to discuss the subject of fair assessment practices.

Please take an opportunity to view our students on Part 2 minutes 10 through 18 of the programme.   The teachers and I could not be more proud of their mature and articulate comments and the positive attitude they exude about their experience at VIS. 

Gimnazistai Part 1 (watch after the commercial)
Gimnazistai Part 2 (watch after the commercial)

Thank you for taking such a big risk and sharing your opinions on public television!    

Ms Rebecca Juras,

VIS Director


VIS team at Model UN Conference in Warsaw

On October 25-27, VIS Grade 9 and 10 students took part at the Model United Nations conference which was  held in Warsaw, Poland. Model United Nations is an academic simulation of the United Nations. Its participants learn about current issues in international relations, acquire diplomacy skills and learn about the United Nations activities.

The conference took place in the Warsaw House of Parliament. All VIS students were representing Canada and worked in different delegations. Paulius was a representative of the Economic and Social Delegation, Caoilfhinn – in the Commission on the Status of Women,   Kastė was working in the Human Rights Council,  Sofya – in the World Trade Organization and Monika –  in the World Health Organization. All the students have been doing a lot of very intense work looking up information on Canada, writing policy statements and draft resolutions. VIS says a big thank you to MYP Humanities teacher Mr. John Libby who was coordinating the work of the Model United Nations student team at VIS.



VIS Pumpkin Contest and Crazy Clothes Day

77 pumpkins – a record beating number since the VIS Pumpkin contest first took place 7 years ago – have been registered today to be nominated as the

Most Beautiful,

Most Creative,



Most Detailed and

Most Artistic Pumpkin of the Year.


On Friday,  the most competent judges  –  Grade 2 student Danielius,  Ms Giedre (the Art teacher), Ms Deirdre (the MYP coordinator) and Julia (Grade 6) announced the winners. And the winners are…

Lėja’s (Turtles) pumpkin was recognised as the Most Beautiful.

Miglė’s (Grade 5) pumpkin  –  the Most creative.

Daniel’s (Turtles) pumpkin was chosen as the Scariest.

Mija (Grade 1) and Elija’s pumpkin was chosen as the Cutest.

Danielius’ (Turtles) pumpkin was recognised as the Most Detailed.

Gretė’s (Turtles) pumpkin was announced as the Most Artistic.


 Congratulations to the winners and especially to the Turtles class who has got most awards! A big Thank you to all who participated in the contest and to separately to PTA who organised snacks to the participants!


Creativity Drawing workshop at VIS

On October 22, VIS students and teachers had a unique chance to take part in a creative drawing workshop led by the famous international cartoonist and book author and just an ingenious personality, Øistein Kristiansen.



MYP Consultation Visit to VIS

In October, VIS had a visit from an IB representative, Mr. Robert Thorn, to provide the school with feedback on their readiness for upcoming MYP Authorization this coming spring.  The conclusion of the consultant was that “if it were up to him, VIS would be authorised today”.   We would like to share with the community some of the comments he made to us during his exit interview.  Needless to say, Deirdre and I are extremely proud of the staff and feel a great deal of professional and personal satisfaction having received such a positive evaluation. 

 He shared that his “impressions of the leadership team intent on creating the best school they could before the visit were happily confirmed during it… On meeting students, staff, parents and board members and from observing the interactions between non-teaching staff, staff and students it is obvious that this is a school where people and learning come first.  The IB spirit is present.

 His comment on the organizational structure included the following statement, “It is evident that the leadership team very well understand the direction they are going in and have laid firm foundations in the school for a strong MYP programme in terms of spirit, practices and procedures, documentation and communications.

 In his interview with the school governance he concluded that “they were very ‘together’ in their attitudes to the mission of the school and seemed proud of it and their achievements.”

 Regarding school culture he reported that “of all the schools I have visited, this school is perhaps the most active in affecting its community – both the school and wider communities”.

 And our personal favorite “exceptional relations seem to exist between students and teachers.  Students reported loving school, being very appreciative of the difference between this approach and that of local schools and for students who have experience of other international schools, being appreciative of the standards being the same or better.”

 Thank you all for being part of this effort!  

 – VIS Director,

Rebecca Juras


An Update About Our Guest of Honor

Vilnius International School had the pleasure of hosting the Minister of Education, Mr. Gintaras Steponavičius at Back-to School Night.  The Minister shared his pleasure at our growth in both reputation and stature since he first visited VIS in Turniškės four years ago.   Mr Steponavičius came to promote his support for public funding of private schools.  Thanks to his commitment to this initiative, VIS has had the opportunity to compete for, and eventually win, two European Union grants.  One of them is dedicated to the extension of IB school network and IB pedagogy in Lithuania, and the other, a construction and renovation project that will allow VIS to expand their current facility by an additional 15 classrooms.  

The Minister believes, as do the founders of VIS, that public support for private schooling provides a greater range of choice for parents and greater accessibility to that choice for the community. And we are both striving to overcome the common misconception that private schools, by nature, are elitist.  

Mr Steponavičius congratulated VIS for being a “unique school in Lithuania” and “an example for others”.  He also thanked us for our efforts in sharing our practice with Lithuanian teachers throughout the country and for continuing to attract young dynamic professionals into the field of education.  

It was certainly an unexpected reward to have had the Minister as our guest.  Without his leadership, VIS may not have developed into the institution we are today.  


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