VIS moved to a renovated 2000 square meter building in the heart of Vilnius Old Town in 2009. Our beautiful school abounds with a sense of history and charm. The plentiful windows offer light year round, as well as inspirational views of the Old Town skyline.

Our school is located on a cobblestone street hidden at the base of Latako gtv. Facilities include a gym, assembly hall, computer lab, library and a spacious cafeteria with state-of-the-art cooking facilities in addition to 15 classrooms, comfortable open work areas and an enclosed courtyard for outside play.

Within 3 years of moving to the Old Town, we outgrew our premises and in September 2013 have expanded our facilities into an additional 850 square meter middle school facility. The new space lines the courtyard perimeter along Latako street.  Not only have these quaint 200 year old buildings received a much needed facelift after decades of post-war neglect, they have greatly added to the diversity of learning spaces available to our kids. The new premises now house a modern science laboratory, a design technology laboratory and an art workshop and gallery. The most popular space with students is the Loft, a community space for our teenagers to organize afterschool activities, view films, put on plays and hold dances.

 We have added a 50 square meter discovery center for our smallest inquirers to enjoy on rainy days when then can’t use the playground or for special events. The expansion has benefitted our PYP students by allowing them to expand outward and upward in the main building. The expansion opened up more community space for PYP kids and allows more regular access to the IT room and other spaces once shared with the MYP. We hope that everyone enjoys this aesthetically stimulating and innovative school environment.



Photos of the new space: