Parent-Teacher Association

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The Parent-Teacher Association is vital to the health of our school community.

The purpose of the PTA as defined in the PTA by-laws is to:

Specific activities include:

Organizing coffee mornings and wine evenings to promote fellowship between parents and VIS staff, welcoming new families into the community and fostering relationships between local and expat families. We do this by encouraging participation of non-English speakers at our events!

Other PTA activities include:

Participation in the Annual Charity Christmas Bazaar, supporting staff in annual school activities, promotion of mother-tongue language classes and hosting the Summer Festival.

All parents interested in contributing to the PTA are warmly welcome.

If you are interested in becoming a class representative, assuming a leadership role, or simply participating in single event, contact the VIS PTA President, Monika Gailiūnienė ( or one of VIS Founders – Liisa Leitzinger (