Letter from the Director

Dear VIS Community,

The VIS staff returned to school today feeling refreshed and ready to welcome Justin Brown and Kate Benson to our leadership team. Justin will take on the newly created position of Upper School Principal and Kate assumes the role of PYP Coordinator. They are joined by 8 additional new staff members hailing from Australia, South Africa, U.S., Belgium, China and Lithuania.

The 2017-2018 school year is particularly auspicious for VIS as we prepare to celebrate our first graduating class next June. As a staff, we are united in our resolve to spur our students towards this milestone and we do so inspired by the language of our mission, for it is by cultivating learners with the agility of mind and confidence of spirit that we empower our learners to persevere through a highly demanding course of study in preparation for the next stage of their learning journey.

We continue to be proud of our ability to sustain the steady pace of growth and development. Adding space, resources and educational programmes mark significant progress. However, the long-term impact of such improvements on the lives of our children is minor. It is the culture of place that will resonate with our learners over the course of their lifetimes and it is through stories that make the VIS culture visible and transcendent.

In the next two weeks, our veteran staff members will share their stories of VIS with our newcomers, and in doing so we aim to create opportunities for them weave their voices with our own. This process will continue throughout the year as we endeavor to make visible our quest to become culturally proficient human beings together with our students. Our role in nurturing a generation burdened with the responsibility to make better and braver choices than the leaders of today becomes more relevant with every passing day.

I look forward to seeing everyone at 10.00 on September 1st and continuing this journey with you.

In partnership,