Letter from the Director

Dear VIS Community,

 We are proud to announce that VIS was awarded accredited status by the Council of International Schools effective June 2016.  As we move into the new academic year this acknowledgement is further evidence of the international standards that govern learning at our school. 

 The self-study process that led up to this accomplishment involved a lot of soul searching and reflection as to our identity and what we stand for as an organization.  One of the outcomes of the process was the rebirth of our mission statement:

             Cultivating learners with the agility of mind and confidence of spirit to become culturally proficient human beings

 The mission has become a point of pride for our community and this was evident to the CIS Accreditation team during their visit. In fact, they found its essence so pervasive that they acknowledged the entire community for our genuine commitment to the values embedded in the mission and the realization of those values throughout our school culture. The team commended the following stakeholders in their report:

 “the staff, students and parents for the positive whole school learning climate and interrelationships which are appropriate and highly valued” 

 “the leadership and the teachers for their commitment to fostering and promoting desirable traits related to internationalism and interculturalism.”

 “the leadership and teachers, for establishing a positive school culture based on mutual respect.”

 We must never take success for granted. Such substantial accomplishments demand us to sustain our commitment to the mission even when it may be inconvenient to do so.  The need to work in partnership to promote culturally proficient norms of behavior within our community is always relevant, if not an immediate call to action. 

 In heeding this call, we must be vigilant and deliberate in our language and in our behavior with one another because it is through these acts that we create the society we want to see in the world around us. A society based on mutual respect, compassion and willingness to take action against intolerance and injustice.  It is through our language and behavior that we co-construct the future for our children.  Please don’t underestimate your role in this process here at VIS.  

 On behalf of the staff, we look forward to creating our future together.

 In partnership,