Physical education

PEIn Physical Education students will work to their optimal level of physical fitness throughout the year. Fitness levels will be assessed at the beginning of the year and again at the end of the year to show students’ their progress. They will also develop motor skills in order to participate successfully in a variety of physical activities and experience enjoyment and satisfaction through physical activity. Students will develop social skills through cooperation and group activities in which they will demonstrate the importance of teamwork. Opportunities will be given for individuals to challenge themselves and take risks so that they can experience personal growth.

Physical Education at VIS develops inquiring, motivated, collaborative students who enjoy participation in physical activities and sports and who make informed choices enabling them to lead active, balanced, and healthy lives. Skills taught encourage and enhance lifelong participation in health-related, active pursuits.

The Physical Education Department puts emphasis on creating a social/emotional environment that is safe for everyone. This is done through careful monitoring of students, evaluating and managing the role of competition in lessons, and seeing each student as unique with individual interests, talents, and abilities.

In practice, a variety of activities are offered which include individual sports, team sports, aesthetic performance activities, martial arts, and other activities that are age-appropriate for boys and girls. Each unit covers the basic requirements of the activity such as safety, basic rules, and individual skills before moving toward deeper facets such as teamwork and strategies.

 The approaches to learning are key to each unit as the final assessment task will focus on one or a set of related skills. Using one of the other four AoIs (environments, community and service, health and social education, and human ingenuity) to focus each unit allows students to place learning in context and help students to develop attitudes and values based on knowledge and skills.

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