International Baccalaureate’s MYP (Middle Years Programme)¬†consists of 8 subject groups:

All 8 subjects are treated as equally valuable, so, music or physical education gets as much attention as sciences. However, that doesn’t mean that each subject gets an equal amount of teaching hours.

MYP programme is based on a common concepts and skills system determined by IBO to ensure that each IB school in the world uses equally good teaching content. However, this programme allows each school to regard their specific needs. Also, each MYP-teaching school has to create its curriculum so that each student would have the opportunity to achieve the goals set for him.

Although one of the specific qualities of MYP is to ensure that all subjects would be learned equally well, it doesn’t mean that MYP is only accessible for a limited amount of students. As a matter of fact, the flexibility of the programme and the possibilities to integrate it allows every young person to develop in his/her own way.

MYP requires teachers to look at their subjects only as a part of the whole programme. The content of each of the subjects is based on Lithuanian national curriculum standards. Taking them into account, all teachers formulate the assessment criteria of their subjects.