Vilnius International School Partners with Senevita

Summer is upon us but it is not too late to celebrate our thriving service learning programme. Over the course of the 2014-2015 school year every VIS class has taken part in at least one service oriented action.  

 The VIS Service Learning Programme led by Mr. Jasper in the PYP and Ms. Irma in the MYP has helped our teachers and students to engage in actions to support initiatives at home in Lithuania and as far away as Sierra Leone. Senevita has come on board as a new service learning partner for VIS. Our relationship with them has brought new energy and opportunity to the programme.  

Senevita is a care home for senior citizens located approximately 20 km from Vilnius. Over the course of year, five projects have taken place at Senevita.  The first was a holiday visit from the Pandas and Ms. Laura’s first grade students who read aloud to their new friends and distributed handmade cards and candy. 

 The next visitors to Senevita were grade 8 students who integrated service learning with Ms. Diana’s visual arts course.  Students were paired with a senior citizen and together they sketched the outline of what later became a collaborative painting about the life of their elder collaborator.  It was a wonderful opportunity to bridge the experience and wisdom of our elders with today’s youth.  The opportunity for intergenerational friendships are increasingly rare and the potential for lost knowledge and skills can’t be underestimated.  This trip allowed us to celebrate the wisdom of generations past.

 Grade 5 continued to promote an ethic of care for the elderly during their Exhibition action.  They discovered that their new friends at Senevita were interested in communicating with students, rather than being entertained by them.  This inspired Marija, Kornelija, Elena, Adomas and Liepa to participate in morning exercises and a Nordic walk with their new friends.  Back at school, they  set up a waffle station during break to raise money to outfit a relaxation room for them.  The grade 5 team, together with the funds raised at Kaziuko Muge last March, was able to contribute a total of 1074 Euro to Senevita.  

 The final action of the school year involved the organization of a sports day for the seniors. The event was facilitated by grade 7students. It was so successful the kids hope to make it an annual tradition. 

 Thank you all for your commitment to our community initiatives!


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