Who is in town?

VIS looks forward to seeing primary and middle school students and their families on September 1st at 10.00. When you arrive you will find a shiny new surprise on the playground.  You can also look forward to improvements in our school gym.  Sorry, it is not a regulation size football pitch! 

The following new staff members just jumped on board our train:  Grade 3 – Ms. Jessica McColly, American, most recently posted in Ghana. Grade 4 – Ms. Lezlie Faber, American, most recently posted in Bangladesh. Turtles – Ms. Jenny Wong-Powel, Canadian, most recently posted in Sri Lanka.  Science/Maths – Mr. Matthew Duquette, American, most recently posted in Ghana. PYP music –  Ms. Indre Kukulskyte, Lithuanian, background in ethnomusicality.

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