Fun Run for school in Sierra Leone


 On Wednesday, May 21st, VIS will be holding a mini marathon called Fun Run in order to raise money for training two teachers at a the school in Sierra Leone’s that VIS has adopted recently.
How does a Fun Run work? Two weeks before the run, students will create a sponsor list for the actual run. Students will have to collect money from their parents, grandparents etc. for every single round of the park they run. The more they run, the more money they earn. Sponsors decide themselves how much to pay for each lap.  For example, if a parent sponsors their child 10 LTL a lap, and the child runs three laps, they will pay them 30 LTL.  This money will be donated to the Sierra Leone Fund.   Rebecca’s daughter and her husband are running a half marathon in the capital of Sierra Leone in May.
Venue: Bernardinai Park
Timetable: Fun Run will take place in the following order:
9 am till 10 am – 1st and 2nd grades;
10 am till 11am – Kindergarten;
11 am till 12 am – 3rd , 4th and  5th grades;
13 am till 14 am – 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th  grades;
Students will start to run/walk at the marked starting line and run/walk in their own tempo. Once they finalize one lap, their sponsor list will be stamped for each lap.
Homeroom teachers will be responsible for bringing the kids to the park and getting them back to school. Mr. Jasper and Mr. Ricardo together with Running for Change representatives as well parents-volunteers will be at the Park the whole time.
Running for Change will visit our school on 2nd of May in order to motivate the students and create a running spirit!


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